We are ready to make a forming tray to sample being used on your production, or make from drawing provided by suppliers of your new equipment.

  • If you use Helios line, ЦФ1, Akmalko or the marsh-mallow line A2ShO3, it is enough to provide available drawings. In case of absence of drawings or expert who can prepare these drawings, you can send us a production sample of your tray. On the basis of sample we'll prepare working drawings, coordinate them with your Technical Engineering Department or Operations Department.
  • If you already use production line of WDS, Makat, NID or Fast Track Engineering, equipped with trays manufactured in Europe, a tray sample is necessary for ensuring complete compatibility among trays. It is desirable the tray to be with minimum wear and damages. On the basis of the sample we prepare working drawings to be part of the contract.
  • If you plan on buying or have already bought and plan on commissioning your modular production line of WDS, Makat, NID or Fast Track Engineering, you already have to have information sheet with a description of the molding tray provided by the equipment supplier.

In this case we prepare working drawings on the basis of this information sheet.







Russia, the city of Omsk,

Semirechenskaya St. 130 block 6.

E-mail: lopanov.serj@gmail.com


Phone.: Lopanov Sergey Aleksandrovich,
head of department of regional sales

+7 (913) 633 69 58


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