In production of trays we use Caucasian beech, that has been delivered us for many years by trusted suppliers of Krasnodar area. For manufacture of tray bottoms, depending on the client's wishes, HDF of 5,5 mm thick, MDF of 6 mm thick or birch plywood of 5 or 6 mm thick can be used.

Having accurately understood the main requirements of clients and suppliers of equipment to trays, we spent several years for optimization of production and formation of the machinery, ensuring the output of products with identical overall dimensions.

We created technological process in which the human factor, when making final overall dimensions of trays, in our production is 100% impossible. Most operations are made on automated milling and cutting centers with numerical program control (NPC).



Starch tray is one of the most important elements in the production of jelly paste confectionery. In high-production lines dozens of thousands of forming trays are used. 


Currently our enterprise is the sole Russian manufacturer that has successfully mastered the production of forming starch trays for mogul lines. Our trays are compatible with mogul lines of leading European and Australian manufacturers. 

  • Winkler und Dunnebier Susswarenmaschinen GmbH 
  • Makat HC и HLM (Bosсh Packaging , Germany)
  • NID M3000i, M301-S (Australia)
  • FTE (Fast Track Engineering, Australia)



Along with modern high-performance modular lines we manufacture trays for semi-automatic lines ЦФ, Helios261, Akmalko Engineering and other Russian and East European manufacturers.

Considering that forming trays are consumable in confectionery production, we can successfully create an exchange collection for your existing line operating on trays of German or Turkish origin. Our experience and dozens of thousands of manufactured and successfully operating trays allow us to achieve complete compatibility of our trays with ones of European origin

Besides starched forming trays we successfully manufactured and successfully tested wooden stamps for starched lines.

We also produce wooden depositing boards for marsh-mallow made of pine or linden.




Russia, the city of Omsk,

Semirechenskaya St. 130 block 6.



Phone.: Lopanov Sergey Aleksandrovich,
head of department of regional sales

+7 (913) 633 69 58


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