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Our company is engaged in a woodworking and manufacture of complex products of hard wood for already 15 years. Except trays, in our portfolio there are ladders and furniture made of massif of valuable wood species. For many years cantilever stairs, cable-stayed and hoop ladders which challenging gravitation were our business card.

The activity of the company is divided in three areas:

1. manufacture of components for confectionery production  2. cooperation with the companies dealing with franchising  3. execution of private clients’ custom 


Our first 20 thousand trays were made for Omsk “Novative Candies Factory” which manufactures production under the Nua trademark.

The initial batch of trays in the amount of 20 thousand pieces our company manufactured in 2010 for modular line of WDS production.

Since then we manufacture trays for confectioneries all over Russia, and also for the countries of the Customs Union.




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Geography activities

Moscow - "Rot Front"
Moscow - "KF Red October"
The Moscow region - "Akmalko Engineering"
The Moscow region - "Sergiev Posad"
The Moscow region - "Azov confectionery factory"
St. Petersburg  - "Nevsky Confectioner"
Stary Oskol - "Slav"
Omsk - "Sladunitsa"
Omsk - "Traveler’s Coffee
Omsk - "Ounce"
Omsk - "Siberian Squirrel"
Ekaterinburg - "Sweet" (Orkla Brends)
Ulyanovsk - "Orkla Brends"
Ulyanovsk- "KF Globe"
Chelyabinsk - "Slakon"
Lipetsk - "Roshen"
KBR, Nalchik - "Jaco"
Tambov - "TAKF"

Voronezh - "Voronezh Confectionary"
Volgograd - "Confil"
Penza - "Russian Confectioner"
Nizhny Novgorod - "Sormovo Confectionary Factory"
Saratov - "Konsar / Konfeshn"
Saransk  - "KF Lamzur"
Perm- "Perm Confectionery Factory"
KZ, Kostanay  - "Bayan Sulu"




Russia, the city of Omsk,

Semirechenskaya St. 130 block 6.



Phone.: +7 (913) 633 69 58


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