Stary Oskol - "Slav"

Chelyabinsk - "Slakon"

Saratov - "Konsar / Confashion"

Omsk - "Sladunitsa"

Voronezh - "Voronezh Confectionary"

Tambov - "TAKF"

Ekaterinburg - "Sweet" (Orkla Brends)

Volgograd - "Confil"


N. Novgorod - "Sormovo Confectionary Factory"

Ulyanovsk - "Orkla Brends"

Penza - "Russian Confectioner"

Lipetsk - "Roshen"


St. Petersburg - "Nevsky Confectioner"

KZ, Kostanay  - "Bayan Sulu"

Omsk - "Siberian Squirrel"

The Moscow region - "Azov confectionery factory" 

The Moscow region - "Sergiev Posad"

KBR, Nalchik - "Jaco"

The Moscow region - "Akmalko Engineering"


Perm - "Perm Confectionery Factory"

Moscow - "Rot Front"

Saransk - "KF Lamzur"

Ulyanovsk - "KF Globe"


Moscow - "KF Red October"

Omsk-"Traveler’s Coffee"


Omsk-Network of tea shops "Ounce" 






Russia, the city of Omsk,

Semirechenskaya St. 130 block 6.



Phone.: Lopanov Sergey Aleksandrovich,
head of department of regional sales

+7 (913) 633 69 58


To send an application for calculation of cost of a tray (draw up an application)
*Please, specify your contact details (name, surname and phone number or e-mail for communication). Briefly describe your line, products and materials of which your tray is made. Be sure to attach at least one file with a drawing or a sketch of your tray in any form, in any format, convenient for you.
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